Creative Sideboard Styling Ideas

Sideboard cabinets are no longer viewed as just pieces of antique furniture that remind your parents of their wedding in an exotic part of the globe; they’re now a masterpiece of statement furniture that you should have in your home.

Most sideboards come with an appealing two-fold and offer the ideal storage space. Sideboards effectively hide litter of all shapes and sizes, while their practical design enables you to store any surplus in your house.

Furthermore, sideboards give you valuable surface space. Sideboards that come in deep and long designs provide the ideal place to create a unique design statement. You can arrange anything on these special furniture items, from candles to houseplants, or can display those memorable photos atop a sideboard to enhance your personality and life in your room.

Add a Mid-Century Feel to Your room

Most modern furniture borrows some degree of a dash of inspiration from mid-century furniture designs and hues. A stylish retro sideboard cabinet design can give your house a unique feel that brings out your personality and taste. In case your home has a dull ambiance, you can design short stubby legs that complement your house with a perfect, solid backdrop ideal for unique accessories.

Try Open Designs

Your living room sideboard doesn’t have to be completely sealed off; you can manage to keep the furniture tidy. An open sideboard can be a perfect storage solution for select items on display.

Pale Oak styles are perfect

If your house has pale walls, you can select pale wood sideboards to bring a calming and relaxing effect to your home.

Compared to dark wood styles, pale oak sideboards are not imposing than dark and offer a perfect contrast to a bright décor. You can demonstrate your creative side by blending statement accessories and some pale to give the house a fresh feel.

Match Your Bohemian Décor with Antique Furniture

If your living rooms have a Bohemian style, you need to try installing antique furniture to create a mismatched vibe to your room.

Antique furniture comes with a set of beautiful woody hues, and when appropriately redesigned, it can give your home a great match that blends with modern furniture.

Add Charm to Your Room with Contrasting Styles

If your home has white walls, it probably looks inviting and spacious and inviting. You can add pops of a dark theme by buying a new sideboard for a contrasting and instant statement.

Find Out How to Achieve a Boho Interior Design

A Boho interior design is a unique and eccentric manner of interior design. It combines many layers and elements from different cultures. Although the style seems unconventional, anyone can learn it and achieve a perfect result.

What are the standard Boho colours?

There are no strict rules to the colours of the Bohemian style. The style is liberal, but many people who go for this style have jewel tones. The standard colours being purple, yellow, and electric blue.

On the other hand, the floor adapts warm and earth colours. It is a liberal style, so do not be afraid to mix and match your colours. The same applies to the decorations in the house.

Adapt a maximalist living style

If you are a minimalist, the style may not suit you. For this style, you should have a lot of items in the house displayed on your walls. It is a style where you can have many things that you do not use in the house.

Also, do not forget to have plants in the house. The Boho style appreciates nature, and having plants in the house completes the Boho design and improves the air quality. Hanging plants are the most appropriate. Plants that you can consider having include succulents, cacti, and ferns.

The type of furniture

For this style, forget about modern furniture; go vintage. The idea is that each piece of furniture should tell a story. Go shopping for these pieces of furniture in vintage shops. Preferably, low-lying furniture is appropriate for the Bohemian style.

Add some accessories

Some items are necessary to add to complete the look. They could be your collections from your travels, antiques, or artistic work. If you do not travel or come across such items, you can always buy them in an antique or art shop.


The lighting of a Bohemian style is more appropriate when you do a bit of tweaking. Instead of having overhead lighting, opt for multiple lamps and candles. There are many designs you can find in the market that can be incorporated into your home.

Have fun with the patterns

You will have many items in the house that contrast in colours. Although you are adapting a maximalist style, it is essential to keep your things in an orderly manner. Organize them in lovely creative patterns that will achieve the best look in the Bohemian style.

Four Pointers for Mid-Century Modern Style

Most design enthusiasts are in love with the mid-century modern style, however, not everyone knows what it means. MCM (Mid-Century Modern) refers to items between the ’40s and the ’60s that pushed the engineering limits. In the quest for creativity after the 2nd World War, famous designers used war materials to mould iconic tables, chairs and lights. Use the following pointers to acquire a mid-century modern interior design.

Balance the MCM house

Decorating your premise with no vintage-style furniture can be an uphill ordeal. Inadequate effort can make your house look watered down and dated while too much effort can culminate in a kitsch appearance. Thus, get a happy harmony through balancing the new and old. Ensure you include items of different shapes, sizes and heights. For instance, a sleek arch lamp balances low-sitting furniture like an MCM rectangular sideboard or contemporary armchair. You can set up a striking home by addressing your interior’s different layers. These layers include architecture (ceilings and walls), upholstered furniture, lighting, accessories, accent materials and non-upholstered furniture.

Select your Accessories

Accessorizing your premise with the appropriate curtains, decorative objects, cushions and lighting is crucial in getting the right MCM style. Seek pendant lighting or big architectural lighting fixture which resemble artwork than a lighting source. Traditionally-shaped candlesticks, gilded round mirrors and drinks trolleys have the MCM vibe. Complete the look with a rounded floor, patterned rugs, indoor plants and table lamps. Ceramics are also a good MCM option.

Add colour

Get acquainted with mid-century hues. Search for graphics and images of eras that suggest a desirable layout since a single colour palette can’t capture the whole design world. Search the internet for colours favoured in the MCM era. Most modern impulses to contemporary colour schemes are coherent with MCM. Although varied pastels, oranges and browns were used, the prudent use of bright hues was embraced ardently. Most MCM colours were muted.

Focus on texture

The texture is crucial in achieving an MCM interior design. The Velvet texture is among the common textures in mid-century modern living rooms. It exudes a touch of richness and is a comfy fabric that makes any couch look incredible for binge-watching your favourite films. Tylko’s guide to mid-century modern style for more MCM insight.